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Story Arc 2

Wow! When I started producing this project I never thought that I would still have the same team in place, let alone see the popularity of this group grow. Thank you to the Players and Voice Actors, Vanisher, Tempest, Raven, Liao, Cyx, Orion for dedicating the time and effort for making this happen.
With every project there is a journey and this one started with challenges but we still had fun as I drop into a monologue every time the audio dropped off. Anything to get a story out, right! But if you're wondering who I am. I'm the writer, producer and artist for Strange Corpse Posse. A question I get often is who or what is Strange Corpse Posse? The short answer is as follows. It is a group that gets little credit in the story as they are a mundane corporation dealing with construction materials and fences. It is what it is. Life is not always so fantastic. It just has to happen.

As you look at this image remember this, the players behind the voice really are better looking. I like to associate with beautiful people. With that said, you don't need to see that to believe it. This is a special group that have a love for creative forms and role playing games. The Voice actors (Vanisher, Tempest, Raven, Liao, Cyx, Orion) truly are a kind and caring group that I'm proud to associate with on every level. Thank you all.
To the Music makers... I have to share the love. Thank you for your efforts and sharing your talents with the creative community.
DuBoLoGy - Dub Action
Tabletop Audio-Dark City
Lezet - West Bank
Pure Grease - The Grass Is Always Greener

Strange Corpse Posse is written and produced by Richard Grzela, Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.
26 hour production and post edit effort.


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The Movie and animated bits

We are always pushing the boundaries of our skills and time limits. Here is the latest show in a new experimental form, audio drama, movie, animated bits and all. Thanks to the viewers and players and everyone for giving this one a try.

~ Enjoy!

Winnoko City book
You can grab a copy of the Winnoko City book here.
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Sound Bites, Sound FX and reedits by Richard Grzela

The Cast is Law Man, Kadan, Adam Turner (Vanisher), Elizabeth (Raven),Moon Shadow

Strange Corpse Posse is written, illustrated and produced by Richard Grzela, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Published for the public November 30th, 2019. Hours of production 80 man hours. Strange Corpse Posse logo designed Copyright b…

Show 17 - 3rd Story Arc

We are back! We are! In order to finish the tale and sort real life from fiction, we started the show on the 3rd and final story arc to conclude the tale  of Strange Corpse Posseproperly. That's right, now you will see what happens to our players and their characters as we wrap up the story in the final few shows in te 3rd Story arc. You'll be given a bit more to chew on morally, ethically and Super Heroically.

With other projects in the pipeline and balancing real life and our passions for audio, art and games, this brings us closer to a cozy finally. Hang with us and you might find some surprises along the way. Right now, the heroes go from hunters to the hunted, then instantly back to hunters with an overwhelming display of fire power.

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If you want to support us, here is how.Winnoko City book
You can grab a copy of the Winnoko City book here.…

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