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The Movie and animated bits

We are always pushing the boundaries of our skills and time limits. Here is the latest show in a new experimental form, audio drama, movie, animated bits and all. Thanks to the viewers and players and everyone for giving this one a try. ~ Enjoy! Winnoko City book You can grab a copy of the Winnoko City book here. System neutral and open source game book smashed together in short order for you to build off of as you see fit in your game world. Sound Bites, Sound FX and reedits by Richard Grzela The Cast is Law Man, Kadan, Adam Turner (Vanisher), Elizabeth (Raven),Moon Shadow Strange Corpse Posse is written, illustrated and produced by Richard Grzela, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Published for the public November 30th, 2019. Hours of production 80 man hours. Strange Corpse Posse
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What's in the works...

Well here we go - We decided to take a few adventures to movie, video and animation format... Yes we are! Since we are amature video folks/animators, you will see a very ecclectic free form video of a game that will be posted both as a pod cast and uploaded to youtube as a blended creative experience. Since several voice talents also do art, you will see, never before illustrations, art, movie clips combined for a creative commons art piece from the STRANGE CORPSE POSSE TEAM. We are keeping on to a tight time line too. So we know know it will be gritty, wonderful and full of surprises too. Thanks for staying connected. Stay tuned for more.

Show 17 - 3rd Story Arc

We are back! We are! In order to finish the tale and sort real life from fiction, we started the show on the 3rd and final story arc to conclude the tale  of Strange Corpse Posse properly. That's right, now you will see what happens to our players and their characters as we wrap up the story in the final few shows in te 3rd Story arc. You'll be given a bit more to chew on morally, ethically and Super Heroically. With other projects in the pipeline and balancing real life and our passions for audio, art and games, this brings us closer to a cozy finally. Hang with us and you might find some surprises along the way. Right now, the heroes go from hunters to the hunted, then instantly back to hunters with an overwhelming display of fire power. Listen here! If you want to support us, here is how. Winnoko City book You can grab a copy of the Winnoko City book here.

Expanding into Space!

In an effort to create more digital content for games and the podcast, Richard decided to to start another project!  With a large enough support community, you can get exclusive monthly content that is used by not only the Strange Corpse Posse, but the Space Corps Posse as well. If you can trade a deluxe coffee to help make this happen we would be ever so thankful.

Virtual Table Top games

Fans of roll20app can grab a PDF of fantastic perspective encounter maps.. http://www. rzela/encounter-maps-book/ebook/product-23925390.html   … … put your heroes in the comic, movie or adventure # dnd # dnd5e # RPG # tabletopgames # superhero scene Now! It was a joy to throw these together and even more thrilling to play test too! Just AWESOME TO GET TO HAVE SOME CREATIVE INPUT IN SO MANY RPG GAME WORLDS OUT THERE! ~ Enjoy More in the hopper to keep me busy! Fans of Strange Corpse Posse want to grab these maps for their games too!

Story Arc 3 - show 16

Our "Last" broadcasted show! You heard right. Show or issue 16, is the last shared game. Our game will continue behind the scenes. It has been a real pleasure. Having been the driving force behind this program for over a year, wow, almost 2 years of shows! It is time to look at other options for delivering the talents and content. I started this project almost three years ago. I did not expect much, but the thought at the time was, what if I could be the Jack Kirby and Stan Lee of pod cast superheroes? Can I deliver content that is dynamic, intriguing and compelling like all the comic greats did on paper before? So I started this journey with hopes and dreams and a ton of empty time to fill. Then I found a group of people that were brave enough to let me record them. It felt like a very huge risk at the time, but these talented people embraced me and my wacky ideas to make this an amazing show. I never knew how talented the game community was until I did this. I am very

Story Arc 3 - Show 15

 Every show brings something different. This show, Number 15, gives us a few things to ponder. First and foremost, even the Game Master is human. We make mistakes and forget rules. The second is the shocking end to a character that brought tensions and random chaotic relationships with non-player characters. For those folks overly attached to our show characters, you may want to avoid this show. For those of you that like the drama and learning more about the game, you'll really want to give a listen. Our SUPER HEROES , again learn that there is far more happening in the world and that they are being watched. Listen here! Winnoko City book You can grab a copy of the Winnoko City book here. System neutral and open source game book smashed together in short order for you to build off of as you see fit in your