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Do you Love Super Heroes 2?

Well hero or not, our heroes realize that super powers are no match for surviving in the real world. They also learned quickly that super powers will not put food on the table nor will it offer peace of mind. As they discover this world is not their own. They can't deny the ties that bind them to earth, their native-home planet.

Huge thank you goes out to the voice actors.
Raven, Tempest, Vanisher who joined us for another adventure game #2.

To our fans and twitter supporters.

Then we have our music, without it, we would lose a bit of the magic.
Music used under the Creative Commons free for commercial use attribution license 
Tabletop Audio-50_Super_Hero
Tabletop Audio-86_Dark_City

Strange Corpse Posse is written and produced by Richard Grzela, Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.


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Do You Love Super Heroes?

Well here is a live play, super Hero pod cast with fans of super heroes. GM (Game Master) is Richard Grzela who after many years takes on the mantle of story teller to share his idea's in the super hero universe he created.

~ Enjoy

Our heroes are learning fast that the universe is far larger with powers far greater than even their power. Super or not an alien race known as the Harvesters are collecting beings across time and space with technology beyond any known to earth. The genetically created mutant known as Melcalfia breaks the news to our heroes that this might be their new home and their best bet for a normal life for the time being. Now our heroes leave a space station to board a shuttle back to a planet much like earth wondering if they will ever get back home, to earth.

Would love to get more "Calgary" Players on board.

Sound Bites and reedits
by Richard Grzela

Free Music by
Mobius - Spacetime Curva…

Story Arc 2 - Show 12

Well the team dynamics have changed for our heroes as they run into even more "Earth" folk beings that were abducted. The Uber service becomes a popular choice for travel by one of our superheroes. As the team dynamic starts to change the group is best currently described by Liao as
"So after all, we have a sword girl who turns into a dragon, a wheelchair girl who turns into a goddess , a bug and electric type Pok√©mon, a angry Cyborg we are gonna kill soon but no spoilers, a nuts ancient Chinese ghost, a invisible mutant who’s superpower is hat picking, super heroic." We have a special thanks to many talented folks who offered to participate in our game this show. Without all of you, a little of the magic disappears from what we do. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
Jason Schmidt (THANK YOU!)

known as @jmanwierd on Twitter, the Dungeon Master for @take20_dnd on Twitter, or https://www.twitch.…

Story Arc 2 - show 13

Sorry for the poor audio quality. It was a challenging show. Now with the preamble. With psychic senses rattling, our hero Raven, quickly warns her fellow heroes about the impending danger. You would think that is enough to scare our heroes off from whatever they are doing. Only sometimes danger comes to you.

Caught in a desperate battle between good and evil, our heroes learn that there are more dangerous things out in the universe. To find out more, you have to listen in.

You can listen to the show here!

This show has raw moments where you can discover the combat mechanics during a game. As well, you will see how the Game Master has to work with the players to resolve combat and rules to keep the game moving forward. Role playing games are a joint story telling effort. Though one person guides the story, the players do contribute to the tale in a smooth way to ensure an equal opportunity for all to see a success or fa…